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If your cars digital speedometer/odometer needs a mileage correction service in Bristol, Cardiff to West London, due to an electrical error or diagnose an electrical fault then at Professional Mileage Correction (PMC) we have the equipment, the skills and the expertise to help you out.

We have been established for over 25 years and during that time have built up a formidable reputation for being steadfast, dependable and a professional mileage adjustment company.

Car Mileage Correction in Bristol to London and South West From car mileage adjustment in Bristol to car mileage calibration in West London, we are a completely mobile mileage reset service and can bring our expertise to you wherever you are situated in the UK. We use all the latest mileage calibration technology and our staff are continuously trained to keep updated with the latest advancements.

We're your local source for car mileage correction /adjustment in Exeter / Cardiff / Newport / Swansea / Bristol / Bath / Swindon / Newbury / Oxford / Reading / West London and the service we provide is dependable, thorough and reliable. Our staff members are all trained, highly qualified and insured for your peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our good relationship with our customers and on being well informed and organised. We know how much businesses and families depend on their transport and we consider it our mission to ensure that all vehicles in our care perform to the best standard.

Mercedes Benz W205 2018-2021 LCD OBD

Mercedes Benz W205 2019-2021 Needle BLUE DISPLAY OBD

Mercedes Benz W222 2019-2021 OBD

Mercedes Benz W213 2019-2021 LCD OBD

Mercedes Benz W213 2019-2021 Needle OBD

Mercedes Benz C257 2019-2021 OBD

Mercedes Benz C190 2019-2021 OBD

Mercedes Benz X290 2019-2021 OBD

Mercedes Benz X253 2019-2021 Needle BLUE DISPLAY OBD

Mercedes Benz W238 2019-2021 OBD

Mercedes Benz W463 2019-2021 OBD

Mercedes Benz W907 Sprinter small Display 

VW / SEAT / AUDI / SKODA Supported dashboard up to 2018!

(non-virtual cockpit only)

VW Golf Sportsvan from 06/2014

VW Golf Mk7 from 06/2014

VW e-Golf

VW Passat B8 (3G)

VW Polo Mk5 (6C)

VW Tiguan Mk2 (5NA)

VW Touran Mk2 (5TA)

VW Crafter (7C) 2017 onwards

MAN TGE 2017

Audi A3 Mk3 from 06/2014-2018

Audi Q2.

VW T5 Transporter 06.2014 - 2016

VW T6 Transporter 06/2015 - 2018

VW Sharan 06/2014-…

VW Passat (3A model) 06/2014 - 2016

VW Caddy (2K model) 06/2014 - 2021

Audi A1 06/2014-…

Audi Q3 06/2014-…

VW Jetta 06/2014-2016

VW Amarok (Continetal Dashboard) 06/2014-...

VW Scirocco 06/2014-…

VW Tiguan (5N model) 06.2014-...

VW Touran 06/2014-...

VW EOS 06/2014-...

Skoda Yeti 06/2014-...

VW CC (3C model) 06.2014-2016

VW Golf Cabrio 06/2014-…

Seat Alhambra 06.2014-...​

Service reset, ECU and fault/error codes can also be cleared on all the above vehicles.


BMW F Series FEM / BDC Vehicles List:

1 Series              F20/F21                               2011-2017

2 Series              F22/F23/F45/F46                2014-2017

3 Series/GT        F34/F35                              2012-2017

4 Series              F30/F31/F32/F33/F36         2014-2017

X5                      F15                                        2014-2017

X6                      F16                                        2015-2017

BMW F Series CAS 4 Vehicle List:

5 Series               F10/F11                               upto 2017

6 Series               F12/F13                               upto 2017

7 Series               F01/F02                               upto 2017

X3                                                                    upto 2017

X4                                                                    upto 2017




FIAT 500 TFT 2021 OBD2

All BMW memories can be reset. including gearbox mileage adjustment and stored memory in cluster. All extra memories erased (up to 120 stored) ALL CAS3/4 (car access service system) and FEM/BDC 2018 Models 

Porsche.... 911 Turbo (997 & 991), Boxster (987 & 981), Cayman and Macan. Cayenne and Panamera via diagnostic port. New ECM (ECU) stored hours and miles - Service reset and complete diagnostics!

Volkswagen Golf 7 2017, VW Caddy 2020, VW Golf 6 2013, VW Polo, VW Passat CC, VW Tiguan 2017, VW Scirroco 2017 now possible! VAG (all diesel models) 2nd mileage memory in ECU corrected by PMC diagnoctically via OBD port! DSG Gearbox Mileage Checked and Reset..

Mini One D, Cooper, Cooper S, Clubman 2018

Vauxhall Insignia ans 2nd mileage memory in ECU

For a Professional Mileage Correction 

Service Call us on: 07515 775 775

If you prefer please use the contact form or 

email us direct at

Digital Odometer correction/adjustment and vehicle diagnostics specialists, With many years of experience in the vehicle diagnostics field and expertise, you can trust that our work will be carried out to high standards.Our odometer reset service covers all makes of cars up to the very latest 2022 models. We use the latest equipment that has been tried and tested. Our engineers are trained to high levels and provide an outstanding service; our mobile service covers most parts of England and Wales. We are based in Cardiff and provide the service either at our workshop or can send out an engineer.

We specialize in Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Landrover, Lamborghini, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo and VW . All our work is guaranteed.

If you have any question's call us or send us an email, details can be found in the contact us section of the site.

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Call us on: 07515 775 775 or email:

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